Apache Atlas Hook for Apache Kafka

Kafka Model

Kafka model includes the following types:

  • Entity types:
    • kafka_topic
      • super-types: DataSet
      • attributes: qualifiedName, name, description, owner, topic, uri, partitionCount

Kafka entities are created and de-duped in Atlas using unique attribute qualifiedName, whose value should be formatted as detailed below. Note that qualifiedName will have topic name in lower case.

   topic.qualifiedName: <topic>@<clusterName>


Binary files are present in apache-atlas-<release-version>-kafka-hook.tar.gz

Copy apache-atlas-kafka-hook-<release-version>/hook/kafka folder to <atlas package>/hook/ directory

Copy apache-atlas-kafka-hook-<release-version>/hook-bin folder to <atlas package>/hook-bin directory

Importing Kafka Metadata

Apache Atlas provides a command-line utility, import-kafka.sh, to import metadata of Apache Kafka topics into Apache Atlas. This utility can be used to initialize Apache Atlas with topics present in Apache Kafka. This utility supports importing metadata of a specific topic or all topics.

Usage 1: <atlas package>/hook-bin/import-kafka.sh
Usage 2: <atlas package>/hook-bin/import-kafka.sh [-t <topic prefix> OR --topic <topic prefix>]
Usage 3: <atlas package>/hook-bin/import-kafka.sh [-f <filename>]
         File Format: