What’s new in Apache Atlas 2.0?


  • Soft-reference attribute implementation
  • Unique-attributes constraint at graph store-level
  • Atlas Index Repair tool for Janusgraph
  • Relationship notifications when new relationships are created in Atlas
  • Atlas Import Transform handler implementation


  • Updated component versions to use Hadoop 3.1, Hive 3.1, HBase 2.0, Solr 7.5 and Kafka 2.0
  • Updated JanusGraph version to 0.3.1
  • Updated authentication to support trusted proxy
  • Updated patch framework to persist typedef patches applied to Atlas and handle data patches
  • Updated metrics module to collect notification metrics
  • Updated Atlas Export to support incremental export of metadata
  • Notification Processing Improvements:
    • Notification processing to support batch-commits
    • New option in notification processing to ignore potentially incorrect hive_column_lineage
    • Updated Hive hook to avoid duplicate column_lineage entities; also updated Atlas server to skip duplicate column_lineage entities
    • Improved batch processing in notification handler to avoid processing of an entity multiple times
    • Add option to ignore/prune metadata for temporary/staging Hive tables
    • Avoid unnecessary lookup when creating new relationships
  • UI Improvements:
    • UI: Display counts beside the Type and Classification dropdown list in basic search
    • UI: Display lineage information for process entities
    • UI: Display entity specific icon for the lineage graph
    • UI: Add relationships table inside relationships view in entity details page
    • UI: Add service-type dropdown in basic search to filter entitydef type
    • Various bug-fixes and optimizations
  • List of JIRAs resolved in Apache Atlas 2.0.0

Data Migration

After migrating to 2.0, expect some delay during the initial startup while Atlas adds the new unique attribute constraint to existing metadata.