Configuring Apache Atlas


All configuration in Atlas uses java properties style configuration.

Application Properties

The main configuration file is which is in the conf dir at the deployed location. It consists of the following sections:

Graph Database Configs

Graph persistence engine

link for more details. The example below uses BerkeleyDBJE.

Graph Search Index

This section sets up the graph db - titan - to use an search indexing system. The example configuration below setsup to use an embedded Elastic search indexing system.

Hive Lineage Configs

The higher layer services like hive lineage, schema, etc. are driven by the type system and this section encodes the specific types for the hive data model.

# This models reflects the base super types for Data and Process

## Schema
atlas.lineage.hive.table.schema.query=hive_table where name=?, columns

Security Properties

SSL config

The following property is used to toggle the SSL feature.