What’s new in Apache Atlas 1.0?


  • Introduction of relationships as a first-class type
  • Support for propagation of classifications along entity relationships – like lineage
  • Fine-grained metadata security, which enables access controls up to entity instance level
  • Introduction of Glossary feature
  • Introduction of V2 style notifications
  • Introduction of Atlas hook for HBase
  • Support for Cassandra and Elasticsearch (tech-preview)


  • Graph store has been updated from Titan 0.5.4 to JanusGraph 0.2.0
  • DSL rewrite, to replace use of Scala based implementation with ANTLR
  • Performance improvements in Atlas Hooks, by switching to use V2 style notifications
  • Significant updates in Atlas Web UI


DSL search

With DSL rewrite and simplification, some older constructs may not work. Here’s a list of behavior changes from previous releases. More DSL related changes can be found here.

  • When filtering or narrowing results using string attribute, the value MUST be enclosed in double quotes
    • Table name=“Table1”
    • Table where name=“Table1”
  • Join queries are no longer supported e.g. hive_table, hive_db
  • Select clauses only work with immediate entity attributes or a single referred (entity) type.
    • Table select name, owner
    • Table select Columns
    • Table select name, owner, Columns (won’t work)
  • OrderBy clause can only be used with a single primitive attribute.
  • GroupBy clause can only be used with a single primitive attribute.
    • Table groupby name
    • Table groupby Columns (won’t work)
  • Typename can’t have multiple aliases
    • Table as t (OK)
    • Table as t1, t2 (won’t work)
  • Has clause only works with primitive attributes.
    • Table has name
    • Table has Columns or Table has DB (NOT supported)
  • Aggregator clause can only be used with a single primitive attribute.
    • Table select min(name)
    • Table select max(name)
    • Table select sum(createTime)
    • Table select min(Columns) (won’t work)
    • Table select max(Columns) (won’t work)
    • Table select sum(Columns) (won’t work)
  • Aggregator clause can’t be repeated with different primitive attribute, the clause appearing last would take preference.
    • Table select min(name), min(createTime) will ignore min(name)
  • Limit and offset are not applicable when using aggregator clauses (min, max, sum)
    • Table select min(name) limit 10 offset 5 - min(name) is computed over ALL entities of type Asset